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<p><i>your Patient Boards</i> provide a platform that can Encourage and Enable Excellence in Nursing Rounding Practices on all floors</p> <p>White boards, Doctor boards, Patient Information boards...no matter what you call the other brands we call them static. Our interchangeable graphic is easy and inexpensive to replace when market trends or changing hospital directives render those <i>other board's layouts</i>, well, <i>unusable</i>.</p><p><i>your Patient Boards</i> are component based allowing you to replace the write on wipe off lens or update your current layout without replacing the entire board.</p> <p>If a patient has a different primary language, just swap out the entire insert for one with that specific translation for instant cross-cultural communication.</p><p>If your hospital directives shift focus, or staff suggestions merit a change, a quick switch of the graphics layer is all that's needed, preventing costly and lengthy reinstallations.</p> <p><i>your Patient Boards</i> convey information directly from the patient to the care team, avoiding the need to go back over ground that's already been covered. Patients are reassured that their voices are being heard, while the care team spends less time asking the same questions, and more time acting on the answers.</p> <p><i>your Patient Boards</i> help hospitals inform, educate, and involve the patient and their family in their own plan of care.</p><p>Patients have a clear focus point to look for important information, and know how to give it to the care team in turn. The result is fewer calls, fewer falls, and higher quality of care.</p> <p>Every custom designed layout has a <i>variable data space</i> to instantly insert materials.</p><p>Quickly slip in a picture of the case manager, or slide in a diagram of an organ or system allowing you to graph their diagnosis.</p> <p><i>your Patient Boards</i>Rounding Board is custom designed to your hospital's or clinic's look, to your unit's focus, to your patient's needs.</p><p>Bringing <i>your Patient Boards</i> to you is a simple two step process. First, start with what you know and fill out as little or as much of the contact form as you can. Then, we'll walk through the design and implementation process with you. It's easier then you'd think!</p>
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Want to bring Patient Communication Boards to your hospital or clinic? Let's get in touch.

Can yourPatientBOARDS be your solution?

  • Would you like to better educate and involve patients in their plan of care?
  • Are you worried about releasing time to care to improve time management and efficiency throughout a shift?
  • Are you looking for a better way to communicate with patients and their families with on central location?
  • Do you worry about patient anxiety and risk of falls?
  • Would you like a better rounding board system that is cost effective and can easily be customized or modified?

Why choose yourPatientBoards?


With yourPatientBOARDS you have UNLIMITED layout components

  • Activity Notes
  • Allergies
  • Best Care for Me
  • Care Team Information
  • Daily Goals
  • Day/Date
  • Diet Plan/Menu Restrictions
  • Discharge Date
  • Family Contact Information
  • Helpful Contact Numbers
  • Hourly Rounding Grid
  • Labs/X-Rays/IV
  • Logo Banner
  • Medication Dosage Chart
  • Mobility/Safety Risks
  • Nursing Director/Case Mgr.
  • Pain Scale/Pain Goal
  • PCA/Tech
  • Physician Grid
  • Preferred Language
  • Room # and Phone #
  • Rounding Acronym (5 P's, etc.)
  • Slogan or Hospital Directive
  • Therapy: OT/PT/RT/ST
  • Vitals

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Here's What People Are Saying About yourPatientBOARDS...

"These patient room information boards make all other dry erase boards obsolete, communicating pride and care at first glance."

"The patient communication boards are working great and we think they are helping to increase our patient satisfaction scores. The staff loves them and the patients have even commented. They also make the rooms look better."

 "Using tailored yourPatientBOARDS in our hospital has impressed a sense of pride, care and safety at first glance. Our staff has been using the patient communication boards as an extension of their care. The boards greatly improve the patient experience by helping them navigate the complexity of their care."

"Plain hospital whiteboard was a step in the right direction, but these custom designed patient communication boards let our patients know the board information is created for them."

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